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  • Drama


    • Paipeurain
    • Нефтепровод / Трубопровод / Pipeline

    Country: South Korea
    Year of production: 2021
    Genre: Action, Mysticism, Comedy, Crime
    Aired start:
    Aired end:
    Status: released
    Type: foreign-movie
    Duration: 148 мин. ~ серия

    Short description

    An underworld drilling prodigy leads an oil heist to drill into the biggest pipeline known as the country's "artery", pushing his luck against a catastrophic explosion and corporate greed. Korea has over 1,200km of pipeline that acts as the country's artery. There are several individuals who make the headlines by tapping into this network in order to siphon oil. Drill-bit is a drilling prodigy who is offered by Geon Woo, the head of an oil refining company, a large sum of money for completing the impossible heist to drill into the pipeline between Honam and Seoul-Busan highway within a month. To get the job done in time, he puts together a team of misfits: civil engineer 'Mr. Na', excavation expert 'Big Shovel', and welding expert 'Folder'.

    Subgenres: Detective Male Lead, Investigation, Thief Supporting Character, Engineer Supporting Character, Heir/Heiress Supporting Character, Police Officer Supporting Character, Criminal Supporting Character, Criminal Male Lead, Money-Hungry Male Lead, Agreement By Threat