Сверка и актуальность графика - 2024-03-23

Серия 1

Сентябрь 16, 2023
Hyo Sim starts her day early in the morning as usual. Her diligence and competence finally paid off, leading to a well-deserved promotion to team leader at TS Fitness. On this pleasant… read more

Серия 2

Сентябрь 17, 2023
At TS Fitness, in the early morning at five o'clock, Hyo Sim is completely surprised when a new member, who seems somewhat recognizable, tries to access the gym. Meanwhile, Tae Min… read more

Серия 3

Сентябрь 23, 2023
Myung Hee manages to escape from her captors, causing Sook Hyang to feel alarmed when she hears the news. Sook Hyang is troubled by the possibility that Tae Ho might uncover the real… read more

Серия 4

Сентябрь 30, 2023
On a day that was already proving to be difficult, Hyo Do finds himself in a car accident, colliding with Myung Hee during a turn. Despite Myung Hee's weakened state, she refuses hospitalization,… read more

Серия 5

Октябрь 08, 2023
Hyo Shim and the Taesan Group heirs cross paths unexpectedly at TS Fitness. Simultaneously, a peculiar sound on the rooftop brings Ggeut Soon face-to-face with Myung Hee. Following… read more

Серия 6

Октябрь 14, 2023
Tae Ho finds himself getting hurt at the gym while resisting Hyo Shim's training routine. With nobody else around, he reluctantly turns to Hyo Shim for help, feeling a bit embarrassed.… read more

Серия 7

Октябрь 15, 2023
At Executive Director Kang Hyung Soon’s funeral, tensions escalate between Tae Ho and Tae Min. Simultaneously, Tae Ho pursues his investigation into his missing grandmother, while… read more

Серия 8

Октябрь 21, 2023
Caught amidst his parents' strife, Tae Min sustains injuries and experiences a sense of isolation, feeling like there's no one he can turn to. Meanwhile, Tae Ho learns about Hyo Shim's… read more

Серия 9

Октябрь 22, 2023
Noticing her mother wrestling with undisclosed problems, Hyo Shim experiences a growing sense of unease. Meanwhile, Tae Ho grapples with new challenges in the house where his grandmother… read more

Серия 10

Октябрь 28, 2023
Now that Июнь Bum's car has been taken care of, Jin Soo wants to get rid of Tae Ho. He plans to send him to prison with another employee as a scapegoat. Meanwhile, Hyo Shim is worried… read more

Серия 11

Октябрь 29, 2023
Hyo Shim gets disappointed and throws a fit at her mother when she realizes her mother had wired all her money to Hyo Seong. Sook Hyang asks Jin Soo to find where Myung Hee is hiding… read more

Серия 12

Ноябрь 04, 2023
After Tae Min sees Hyo Shim and Tae Ho together, he directly asks Hyo Shim about her feelings towards Tae Ho. Sook Hyang pressures Tae Min to marry the daughter of Chairman Choi, Soo… read more

Серия 13

Ноябрь 05, 2023
The weight of Myung Hee's funeral reality engulfs Tae Ho, plunging him into a vast ocean of sorrow. Hyo Shim's worry for Tae Ho intensifies. Within Uicheon Villa, residents draw parallels… read more

Серия 14

Ноябрь 11, 2023
Hyo Shim runs into Tae Min while visiting Tae Ho in the hospital. Tae Hee charms Tae Min to take her shopping at the department store after getting into a fight with Sook Hyang. Ggeut… read more

Серия 15

Ноябрь 12, 2023
Hyo Joon experiences a heightening seriousness at the police station. Mi Rim steps up to help secure Hyo Joon's release from jail. Despite her assistance, Hyo Shim is now obligated… read more

Серия 16

Ноябрь 18, 2023
Hyo Shim is shocked by the fact that she needs to take out a loan from Indangsu. To escape this harsh reality, she indulges in heavy drinking and impulsively reaches out to Tae Ho.… read more

Серия 17

Ноябрь 19, 2023
Sun Soon gathers her children promptly to engage in her customary ritual, a memorial ceremony for her late husband, as she senses a void of loneliness and meaning in her life. The… read more

Серия 18

Ноябрь 25, 2023
As Tae Ho takes Hyo Shim home, he confesses his feelings and officially asks her to be his girlfriend. However, Hyo Shim cannot accept it as she doesn't have the luxury to date someone.… read more

Серия 19

Ноябрь 26, 2023
Tae Ho asks Tae Min about the woman he is in love with, and Tae Min tells him it is Hyo Sim. Since Tae Ho is not willing to give up on Hyo Sim, she hurts him with harsh words. Meanwhile,… read more

Серия 20

Декабрь 02, 2023
Tae Ho gives Hyo Shim some space and asks Tae Min to do the same. However, he still goes for his training sessions with Hyo Shim at the gym and even offers her a modelling job. Meanwhile,… read more

Серия 21

Декабрь 03, 2023

Серия 22

Декабрь 09, 2023

Серия 23

Декабрь 10, 2023
Sook Hyang gets infuriated after she finds out Tae Min turned Soo Kyung down over Hyo Shim. Ga On heads to the broadcasting station for the main contest, and Woo Ju realizes she is… read more

Серия 24

Декабрь 16, 2023
Ga On brings the top prize in the singing contest, but her father is far from thrilled. This sparks chaos at the Uicheon Villa. Tae Ho is at the fitness center, anxiously awaiting… read more

Серия 25

Декабрь 17, 2023
Hyo Shim experiences a complete erosion of her pride when Sook Hyang proposes putting a price on selling her soul. This leads Hyo Shim to reevaluate her relationship with Tae HO. Unaware… read more

Серия 26

Декабрь 23, 2023
Enveloped by the enchanting snowfall, Hyo Shim and Tae Ho solidify their emotions through a kiss. Meanwhile, Tae Min acquires details about the car accident from the detective who… read more

Серия 27

Декабрь 24, 2023
Expressing her desire for independence, Hyo Shim encounters strong resistance from her disapproving mother. Undeterred, she pushes forward with her plans to move out and actively looks… read more

Серия 28

Декабрь 30, 2023
Released from the ties of her family responsibilities, Hyo Shim relishes the moments in her new home with Tae Ho. Tae Min, reluctantly married to Soo Kyung, is away on a honeymoon.… read more

Серия 29

Декабрь 31, 2023
In the midst of an inescapable situation with Mr. Yeom and his men, Myung Hee grapples with the challenge o finding an exit. Meanwhile, Tae Ho's trip to the supermarket with Hyo Shim… read more

Серия 30

Январь 06, 2024
After seeing Tae Ho collapse, Hyo Shim consuls him. She asks him why he is so sad, but Tae Ho laughs it over. After spending a honeymoon practically separately, Tae Min and Soo Kyung… read more

Серия 31

Январь 07, 2024
After a delightful date, Hyo Shim and Tae Ho return to Hyo Shim's house. However, Sun Soon, who had grilled Hyo Sung for Hyo Sim's address, barges in and creates scene. Meanwhile,… read more

Серия 32

Январь 13, 2024
Hyo Shim has had enough of how her mom treats Tae Ho and he finally lets out her frustration. She even throws some harsh words at Sun Soon, who ends up showing a lot of disappointment.… read more

Серия 33

Январь 14, 2024
Tae Ho directly askes Tae Min if he knows what really happened the day his parents died. Things get heated and they end up fighting. After the altercation Tae Ho goes to Hyo Shim's… read more

Серия 34

Январь 20, 2024
Tae Ho and Myung Hee finally reunite but Myung Hee tells Tae Ho to keep her being alive a secret. Sun Soon takes over a cafe using the money Hyo Shim gave her. Tae Ho tries to stop… read more

Серия 35

Январь 21, 2024
Hyo Shim tells her boss she is quitting TS Fitness after he interrogates her about her relationship with Tae Ho. Tae Ho senses something is not right with Hyo Shim and rusher to her… read more

Серия 36

Январь 27, 2024
As Tae Ho falls into Sook Hyang's trap and gets taken away by the police, he asks Hyo Sung to look after Hyo Shim. Hyo Shim is shocked at the news, and she lets Tae Min know how horrible… read more

Серия 37

Январь 28, 2024
Tae Ho's imprisonment exposes a distinct purpose leading to Tae Min\a interrogation visit. Despite Tae Min's inquiries, Taw Ho remains unwilling to provide any answers, causing frustration… read more

Серия 38

Февраль 03, 2024
Ta Min and Myung Hee sit face to face, where Myung Hee ensures Tae Min’s steadfast commitment to safeguarding Taesan Group. Recently released from prison, Tae Ho declares a management… read more

Серия 39

Февраль 04, 2024
Hyo Shim scolds Hyu Jon on behalf of Sun Son, who has collapsed at the news of Mi Rim's pregnancy. Tae Ho grumbles sadly at Hyo Shim for having to leave Sun Soon's house. Myung Hee… read more

Серия 40

Февраль 10, 2024
Mi Rim's unexpected remarks turn Hyo Shim's house upside down, and Sun Soon falls ill again. Sook Hyang gets taken in for questioning by the prosecution, and Tae Ho searches for evidence… read more

Серия 41

Февраль 11, 2024
Myung Hee reveals the truth to Tae Ho, but Tae Ho can't hide his bewilderment. Sun Soon succumbs to Mi Rim's determination and approves her wish to find her husband. Tae Min leaves… read more

Серия 42

Февраль 17, 2024
While Tae Ho and Tae Min stay up all night looking for a way to stop TV Live's attack on Taesan Group, they seem to become closer. Hyo Shim spreads flyers to find her father and later… read more

Серия 43

Февраль 18, 2024
Hyo Shim races to a piano academy and finds traces of her father there after hearing new information about him. Tae Ho warns Sook Hyang to leave Tae Min alone, and Sook hyang plans… read more

Серия 44

Февраль 24, 2024
Jin Bum apologises to Tae Min and says he will go to prison. Hyo Sung accidentally finds a picture of a woman at the piano academy with Hyo Shim. Myung Hee gives Tae Min the dashcam… read more

Серия 45

Февраль 25, 2024
Sook Hyang's longstanding deceitful behavior towards Mr.Yeom may soon have consequences. With Tae Min's help, Hyo Sung re-enters Taesan Group and persuades Hyo Shim to cease searching… read more

Серия 46

Март 02, 2024
Tae Min tells Tae Ho that he will take care of everything and for him to get married and live a happy life. Hyo Sung finds Mr. Yeom's old phone and gives it to Tae Min, and Tae Ho… read more

Серия 47

Март 03, 2024
Tae Ho and Tae min reunite with Park Jin Myung when he returns to Korean to give them crucial documents that will put Sook Hyang away for good. Ggeut Soon locks herself in her rom… read more

Серия 48

Март 09, 2024
Hyo Shim meets her father, who at first doesn't recognize her, and she reveals who she is. Hyo Sung meets his former music teacher and learns why his father left 20 years ago and why… read more

Серия 49

Март 10, 2024
Tae Ho becomes upset at Hyo Shim's request to postpone their wedding, and they fight over it. Sun Soon visits her husband at the hospital and collapses out of bitter anger. She wants… read more

Серия 50

Март 16, 2024
Knowing Hyo Shim went into the operating room to donate her liver, Sun Soon rushes to her side. While worrying about Hyo Shim for being out of touch, Tae Ho realizes something bad… read more

Серия 51

Март 17, 2024
It's been a year since Hyo Shim left, but Tae Ho still wants her. Carrot is born, and Hyo Июнь becomes a lawyer. Besides that, everything is the same at Hyo Shim's house. However, they… read more

Даты выхода серий указывают на дату и время показа в странах производства данной дорамы.
В данном случае это - Корея Южная

Узнать когда выйдет новая серия в России у нас нельзя!

Так-как это зависит от групп которые занимаются заливкой и переводом этих дорам в соцсетях
Но обычно серия становится доступна в течении суток

Также известна как - Живи своей жизнью / Независимая жизнь Хё Сим / Hyo Shim’s Independent Life / Live Your Own Life / Separate Lives at Hyosim's


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