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  • Drama

    Rak Khot Khot Hot Yang Mueng 3

    • Rak Khot Khot Hot Yang Mueng 3
    • Love Syndrome III / Love Syndrome the Series

    Country: Thailand
    Original Network: WeTV
    Year of production: 2023
    Genre: Romance, Drama
    Aired start:
    Aired end:
    Seasons: 1 ( Episode 12 )
    Status: released
    Type: foreign-serial
    Duration: 44 мин. ~ серия

    Short description

    An unexpected accident left Day with serious injuries, making Itt blame himself for what happened to him. What will Itt do when Day wakes up with no memory at all? The person who used to be so caring and loving becomes ruthless. How will a love story unravel between them? Itt tells himself, "I must be patient with Day". ~~ Adapted from book 3 of the web novel series "Love Syndrome" (รักโคตรๆ โหดอย่างมึง) by Yeo Nim (ยอนิม).

    Subgenres: Adapted From A Web Novel, Gay Male Lead, Unhealthy Mains' Relationship, Gay Romance, Car Accident, Gay Relationship, Mafia, Jealousy, LGBTQ+, Violence