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  • Drama

    Work in Vain Song Ci

    • Work in Vain Song Ci
    • Судебная медицина Сун Цы 2 / Судебный врач Сун Ци 2 / Fa Yi Song Ci II / Forensic Medicine Song Ci 2: The Four Deadly Sins

    Country: China
    Year of production: 2021
    Genre: Thriller, History, Mysticism, Drama
    Status: released
    Type: foreign-movie
    Duration: 96 мин. ~ серия

    Short description

    During the Song Dynasty, Song Ci came to Changting County to take up a post, and focused on the study of autopsy in order to write the “Collected Cases...

    Subgenres: Song Ci, Forensic Medical Examiner Male Lead, Historical Figure, Historical Fiction, Forensic Science, Song Dynasty, Science, Investigation, Suspense