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  • Drama

    Nuan Nuan Yu Jian Ni

    • Nuan Nuan Yu Jian Ni
    • Теплая встреча с тобой / Jia You! Zhao Nuan Nuan / Kuai He Ke Ai De Wo, Xiang Yu! / Lucky With You / Quickly Meet The Cute Me! / Warm Meet You

    Country: China
    Original Network: Mango TV
    Year of production: 2022
    Genre: Comedy, Romance
    Aired start:
    Aired end:
    Seasons: 1 ( Episode 24 )
    Status: released
    Type: foreign-serial
    Duration: 36 мин. ~ серия

    Short description

    Zhao Nuan Nuan is a comic artist with outstanding drawing skills, who has always dreamed of becoming China's top original comic artist but has repeatedly failed. Hopeless, she is forced to go on a blind date but mistakes Gu Yi Chen, who is just passing by, as her blind date. Zhao Nuan Nuan’s only shortcoming is that she has extremely poor luck, but in a twist of fate, she accidentally discovers that as long as she gets close to Gu Yi Chen, her luck changes for the better. In order to change her twenty-year bad luck, Nuan Nuan does not hesitate to dress as a man to apply for a full-time cleaning job in the CEO, Gu Yi Chen's office, to get her luck, not knowing that Gu Yi Chen suffers from an unprecedented "opposite gender touch allergy".

    Subgenres: Rare Allergy, Unlucky Female Lead, Web Series, Rich Male Lead, Contract Relationship, Multiple Couples