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  • Drama

    Seumateuponeul tteoleotteuryeosseul ppuninde

    • Seumateuponeul tteoleotteuryeosseul ppuninde
    • Украденная личность (корейская версия) / I Just Dropped My Smartphone /Seumateupon / Seumateuponeul Tteoreotteuryeosseul Ppuninde / Smartphone / Stolen Identity / Unlocked

    Country: South Korea
    Year of production: 2023
    Genre: Thriller, Mysticism, Crime, Drama
    Status: released
    Type: foreign-movie
    Duration: 117 мин. ~ серия

    Short description

    A woman’s life is turned upside-down when a dangerous man gets a hold of her lost cell phone and uses it to track her every move. (Source: Netflix)

    Subgenres: Investigation, Social Media, Father-Daughter Relationship, Naive Female Lead, Suspense, Adapted From A Novel, Graphic Violence, Stalker Male Lead, Criminal Male Lead, Detective Male Lead