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  • Drama

    Qian Fang Gao Neng

    • Qian Fang Gao Neng
    • Warning Ahead

    Country: China
    Year of production: 2023
    Genre: Thriller, Drama
    Aired start:
    Aired end:
    Seasons: 1 ( Episode 23 )
    Status: released
    Type: foreign-serial
    Duration: 2 мин. ~ серия

    Short description

    It tells the story of the ruthless killer Jiang Li, who took root in Shanghai under her anonymity in order to avenge her family for many years. She married Shen Shi You, the owner of a trading company. The two of them live harmoniously, and their love increases, but they are unintentionally involved in more lies and conspiracies... The two confront each other, and the lover becomes the enemy. They are the sweetest couple, but also the strongest opponents. They are evenly matched, falling in love and killing each other. ~~ Adapted from the web novel "Qing Nan Zi Kong" (情难自控) by Mo Jie Da Yu (摩羯大鱼).

    Subgenres: Short Length Series, Historical Fiction, Spy Female Lead, Gun Fight, Married Female Lead, Married Male Lead, Slight Comedy, Misunderstanding, Gang, Adapted From A Web Novel